Countdown to awesome: how many fans are waiting for your next shipment?

Some products never generate a line behind the velvet rope. The recent launch of the Nexus, “Sold out in a few hours,” rivals the buzz created by the myriad Iphone releases, “Sold out in days,” or, “Fan waits outside store for three days to obtain first edition.”

Not every product generates this kind of anticipation or hype. A few books by some authors do this for me, Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne and the long awaited Robert Jordan (Brandon Sanderson) Memory of Light top my list for, “Most anticipated.”

Every product has a shipping date, an arrival date, a date after which you can find it in stock, on the shelf, ready and waiting for your purchase. Not every product has legions of fans anticipating, creating buzz, drooling, worrying, checking the blog and wondering, “When will it get here, I can’t take it anymore.”

If you have the option of creating a product which merely meets expectations, or one which will surpass those so much your customers can’t help obsessing about it with other people they meet, simply because the amazement of the release is so far beyond the norm, it occupies their mind for days and weeks on end…well, I know which angle I would pick.