Do something inspirational

Everybody has potential. When we get closer to what we *can* do, we feel great. I’m never more motivated than when I feel inspired. It could be a song, a strategy, a product launch, somebody I know reaching and stretching above their current capability. Or it could be as simple as a book or an article.

I find a lot of inspiration lately in Hacker News. Every day, I read about somebody trying, doing, testing and learning. Sometimes it works.

This evening, I had a great conversation with somebody I highly respect. With a small team, you have a small vision – easily shared among the group. With a large team, you have a larger vision, which is harder to share as the membership of those who need to embrace the vision expands.

If we all try to do something inspirational, maybe we’ll get closer to that vision we have, as a team, of the future. It’s a bright place. Bring your sunglasses.