Review The Vampire Hangover, get a FREE excerpt of the sequal and a FREE review copy

A few days ago, I put my novella, The Vampire Hangover, on sale. The promotional price? Free – pay nothing, as long as you’re a member of Amazon Prime. My goal with this test was a few things:

  • Figure out if people would want something for free, rather than 99 cents – they do, in spades.
  • See how much demand, if there was increased demand, there would be – lots more, I’ll explain more in a moment
  • Calculate how much exposure it would take to get more reviews – the only two I got were honest, “friend” or network reviews, by real people who read the book. However, it’s been a lot harder to get reviews from people I don’t know (at least virtually) than I would have thought.

The novella, sadly, was not selling any copies for the last few months. I realized today my error is, in large part, that I said I was working on a sequal with the same characters. However, that was last summer, I’ve made no progress and instead written other things. Well, there will be a sequal, it’ll be even more awesome and I’m happy to say that in two months, those who get the FREE ebook now, will be able to get the first half the sequal in a month. This will be a full length novel, over fifty thousand words when I’m finished. The novel is more than a quarter done already, revised and improved above and beyond what it was a few short months ago.

So if you want to get a free copy of the first half of my debut novel, Ninja Vampire Hunter, drop me a note via my Amazon page. The title is a work in progress, after doing some research, there was a cable TV show that may have had the same name. If this is an issue, it’ll be a different title – and if you have suggestions, I’m open to feedback. I figure if one person returned a FREE ebook (sorry) then the other people either were too lazy to read it (please read – it’s awesome) or they did, and just aren’t the type to review. That’s okay, but, if you review it, you’d be doing me a massively huge favor, I’d be forever indebted to you. If you can help me generate enough reviews, I’ll also figure out how to do an “auction” of sorts to insert a name of your choosing into the next novel. I can’t promise a leading character, but they will be part of a classic and comedic scene 😉

Tomorrow is the last day to get the ebook for free for the next few weeks…after that, it goes up in price to $2.99.