Being real online – one advantage: you’re *really* real

I’m not a public figure. Neither is my wife. However, my father-in-law, her dad, is the Vice President of a country. Every time I think about that, well, I get concerned about what I put out there and how it’s perceived.

Here’s the deal: my business partner, Widhadh and I have started nine businesses, sold two in 2004 and we’re now trying to sell the last one, FunAdvice. If it works out, we’ll both be able to move on from what was an interesting learning experience that also developed into a profitable business.

From being quoted in the Wall Street Journal, to being recognized by Emarketer in 2009 as one of the fastest growing social networks in the US (second only to Twitter), it’s been an honor and a privilege to work with the team building out the features, functionality and product. Without Ericson programming for the last two years, since the site first hit 3 million visitors, to now, he’s lead the effort to build, improve and maintain the FunAdvice infrastructure.

The turning point with the whole business was in 2006, when Widhadh re-designed the product. At that time, the site had 70,000 visitors per month. As a result of her bold, grandiose vision for the site, we grew more than 5% monthly for the next few years, culminating in our best month ever, 6.8 million visitors in July, 2009. Her work in the product was instrumental in where the site is today and even more importantly, in illustrating how much the site could grow, given the right amount of development.

Anyway, I’m exhausted. Thanks for reading and if you’re interested, FunAdvice has a ton of potential. For the right buyer, it would be possible to invest only 100K and easily multiply that investment by 10x in less than six months.