Networking for a day, BrightEdge Share 2011

After a full day spent networking, learning, discussing, engaging and ultimately presenting on SEO and social at BrightEdge Share 2011, I can say that I’m both inspired and exhausted. The event was jam packed with excellent speakers, insightful dialogue from Microsoft, Facebook and TinyPrints and wonderful people from BrightEdge and many other companies coming together to make a wonderful event.

As I told more than a few attendees, I had two very specific goals in mind with the event:

* Recruiting – by the end of the day, I’d met with former clients, people I had interviewed, former colleagues and others who have shaped the SEO industry for more than a decade. It was very impressive to be surrounded by so many that, frankly, I’ve only read about online before today.

* Relationship building – as social starts to influence search more and more, I can’t help but consider the foundation of every successful business. It’s the people, as we say at Intuit. I just finished sending a personal note to more than a dozen wonderful people I met, and people I reconnected with.

Now, sleep crazy and exhausted, I have to add “share notes with team” as a follow up after learning about and discussing the impressive social capabilities of BrightEdge and their S3 platform.