Getting things done with intention

Not my book, but I’m considering getting a copy of this one. I found it via my linkedin (thanks Robby Kwok) who posted it on twitter (or linkedin, not sure which, but the tracking code indicated a twitter referral to the Harvard Business Review). The blog post is here, it’s worth reading in it’s entirety really. Anybody who’s trying to accomplish new things or trying to get better at doing things could learn something by studying the habits of those people who get stuff done. Important stuff. I’m distracted right now by a number of new things. As a result, there is one very important thing not getting done, which has been weighing down on me a lot in the last few weeks.

The big lesson for me, reading the article, is to try to add one new behavior at a time. Or subtract one new behavior at a time.

After reading that one bit, I think I have a far better strategy for self improvement than I did before. Usually, I’ll try tackling a list of things. The pick one, get it right, then move on tactic is something that resonates strongly with me right now. So blogging is getting better for me but I feel like, rightly so, it’s coming at the expense of my fiction writing. So with that in mind, I’m going to get some other writing done. It’s important.