The Vampire Hangover, a novella written by Jeremy Goodrich

First a bit of a backgrounder. Then I’ll add more stats about the why’s and how’s of it all in a bit. Suffice to say my earliest childhood dream was to become a published author. A few weeks ago, Widhadh wrote and published a travel guide to Maldives. Imagine my surprise when the project took less than a few days and started selling in less than a week! As a result, I was determined to finally rekindle my love affair with telling stories.

After consulting with so many great companies for the past five years I realized that the part of the work I liked the most was the live presentations to larger teams. I could tell stories, make them laugh and generally feel like I gave them some entertainment as well as insight.

I wrote frantically and edited until the words were bleeding together in my face. I read my novella on the kindle myself, as a preview and then after a final edit by Widhadh, I uploaded it to The novella is more than 25,000 words long and in print, would run over sixty-two pages. Here’s the description I wrote for the book on Amazon:

A fast paced action adventure story about Jay Williams, a college student who ignores most of his life outside of his martial arts classes. He drinks, he parties and generally skates by in a mediocre life. Until one day he wakes up to find himself in a duel with a master swordsman. After that he gets attacked by vampires, abused and beaten. And that’s just what happens before noon. Filled with action, romance and plot twists, The Vampire Hangover is an novella of more than sixty pages.

Buy The Vampire Hangover on Amazon, only .99 cents.