Never make somebody take two clicks for a one click procedure

Apparently, it’s Amazon day on this blog. No really, the reason I mention this is two-fold: one as a follow up to my post about Google’s imitation of Facebook (bad move, guys) and as a counter example of doing it right. If you force people to take extra steps to get their goals accomplished, you’ll end up with disappointed users, customers and stakeholders. Fact is, since Google wisely implemented their two click sign out (one to get the link there in the drop down, another to sign out) it’s already cost me somewhere around 3-5 minutes.

How much time can you cost somebody before they leave your site?

Ironically, Google did a research paper about a very similar topic on their search results page. It turns out that if the search results take over a certain amount of time, they get less ad clicks, less clicks on results, more abadonment, etc. AND, if a cohort of users experience this slow search experience for a period of time….guess what happens to their behavior? You guessed, they use the search engine less, and less.

This is exactly what I’m going to do with my Gmail powered email

If i can’t read it elsewhere, I’m going to login less. The irritation is already there, waiting for me…unless and until it gets fixed, all I have is a bitter taste in my mouth when I think about the process they broken. Sure, it still works…but the point is, it doesn’t work *well* it works *slower* than it did before. It’s Google we’re talking about, I expect things to work fast.