Google has a new logout schema: facebook envy or innovation?

Maybe this is the wrong way to look at the new Google logout. I mean, it’s interesting as it prints my email address across the upper right…but, is the average gmail user so dumb that they don’t know the freaking email they logged in with? Really?

This is a case of the product being ruined because some other idiot does it that way

Case in point: Facebook. Yes, I know, everybody uses them, etc, etc…but, with Facebook Connect, the reason they want you to stay perma-logged into the hive is simple: it gets them extra traffic and provides that extra incentive for a publisher to deploy “login with facebook” on their sign up pages. It engenders that constant, in your face need to go check the site, see what your friends are up to…and then get lost in their matrix.

Facebook tries to prevent you to logout as it helps their business

See how many options there are in the list *before* you even see the logout icon? Is this user friendly, or advertiser and data collection friendly?

It’s a sad, sad day when your favorite web company decides to stick their head in the sand and chase the latest big startup….all because they want to seem as “cool” as the next guy.

Google Maps? They rock. But when Google starts doing Boutiques…something is wrong. If they don’t get off their Wikipedia (Knol) ( and Facebook (logout) envy soon, people will start to hate the company, en masse…just as so many developers have a loathing for the beast in Redmond (Microsoft).