Building a Visual Novel in 3d to Teach Basic SEO: Status Update

Almost a year and a half ago, I started learning 3d animation, rendering etc. Recently, I uploaded a virtual reality demo on the hookupJS blog; since this one gets more traffic, I figured I’d add news about the visual novel here. All screenshots from the Mac Desktop version of the game.

There will be a map, multiple scenes and a story line that takes place over seven days. The game has SEO quizzes in it that help you boost your SEO score throughout the week. If you don’t uplevel your SEO there will be parts of the story that aren’t available to you, so if you haven’t read Google’s guide to basic SEO previously, now would be a good time.


Inside the game, I will be adding basic SEO guide which will have the answers, references etc for the questions inside the game. That way people who just want to enjoy a quirky visual novel in 3d only have to learn a minimum amount of knowledge to consume all the content, scenes and renders.

Here’s a screenshot of combat, and how to regain energy after. There will be some combat in the game, as well as relationship building with non player characters.


Shown below is the main character’s place (Jack Nickel).


Basic features of the game and overall flow:

  • Start game with title screen
  • Read through various dialogue boxes (as above).
  • Answer SEO questions to unlock various parts of the map
  • See if you can finish the game with a high enough score that your boss approves.


The platform I’m targeting for the first release when it’s ready is the iOS App Store, as I think this game fits in the whole, “Entertain me while I’m waiting for 5 minutes to do something else,” time of day. There is the possibility of releases for Android, Mac desktop, Windows 7+ Desktop and Linux Desktop, but I can’t test across all of those platforms, only Windows / Mac.

If the iOS release goes well, I’m definitely going to spend time on porting it to work on as many of the other platforms as I can.