iOS 9 & Apple’s Spotlight aka Smartbox Strategy

For simplicity sake, I’m going to refer to the tactic of integrating multiple data feeds for ‘instant answers,’ inside a search box a SmartBox strategy. With the news about iOS 9 yesterday at the developer event, as well as the reports from the last seven months about Applebot crawling the web, I think that it’s safe to say search is more awesome than it’s been in a while.

The integration of deep linking into apps, which you can now do on the largest mobile OS, is a huge deal. Right now, when I search, I routinely get URLs via Spotlight, which saves me time on my iPhone. With the iPhone 6 in more and more hands, the screen size is more interesting for advertising, as well as richer content.

As a publisher, I’d love to be able to have a richer description inside the search box, or have an app there, linking directly to a product, category page or similar. The feedback loop of download app, search on phone for stuff, re-visit app will also continue to fuel existing mobile category leadership. Those who take advantage of richly indexing their content on iOS will be able to extend their existing LTV models and potentially ad cost will go up, as well, as publishers of all sizes have increased retention & usage.

Wow, I really should have published this last June when I wrote the draft!

Mobile indexing = a big deal.

June, 2015 = Google announces over half of search originates on mobile (same month I wrote this draft), starting in May.

Drat. Next time, I need to remember to hit publish.