Ego surfing Friday And Bad News in Google Search

When I was in college, I found out something: I’m not special. In fact, based on my research at the time, I was one of 39+ Jeremy Goodrich’s alive in 1996. Then when I started digging in, I found out something even more interesting:

There are about 9 Jeremy Edward Goodrich’s alive today in the United States of America. At least one guy regularly signs up for things and I get his email. However, I wasn’t first on my Facebook URL but for years, I managed to grab most of them.

Today, I searched and saw some painful news about another Jeremy Goodrich going through hard times…wow. Makes my job search more interesting, compelling, and curious šŸ˜‰

Figured I’d toss this out there, if you haven’t ego surfed in a while, you might take a look. Now I need to start working on a reputation management campaign for a bit to see if I can’t make things better. Sigh.

Hopefully, all the other folks with my name achieve success (but, I still want to try if I can to make sure all news about me is good news.)