Paid upgrades coming soon.

Focus Friday: a gift, from an Intuit colleague :)

Back a few years ago, a friend and temporary team member I worked with taught me a lot, in a very, very brief period of time. “Focus friday,” was what Laura called it, when she sent me the meeting invite.

A simple idea, really. Help the broader team, “Stack,” their schedule, to ensure that they focus, and plow through as many of their own personal, “To do,” list as possible. There are always goals, trade-offs and priorities. The trick is, being able to stop for a moment, listen & prioritize.

Amazing things happen when you do. A recap, take a look at our new dashboard coming soon:


This isn’t what’s live now, which is “close,” but not this (yet). Also, to recap, just about a week ago, we had these issues with the hookupJS dashboard: dashchange

Hideous before right? It’s amazing what happens when good people come together, to do wonderful work.

Oh, and finally. The paid version is coming along nicely, and soon :)