The Gray Thief (Continued) – Fiction

The other day, when I wrapped the intro, showed it to somebody who matters the world to me, I got one single, solitary piece of feedback. “That’s it?” She asked, looking disappointed.

“For now,” I said, happy that she asked for more. Normally, when I mess up, I get pretty good feedback – and fast. See, I’m pretty good at figuring out my own stuff, but, when I screw up, it’s *fantastic* to get somebody I trust to review my work. Re-writing is *not* my thing at all; I enjoy a first draft far, far more.

This post isn’t the normal kind of fiction I share, then again, most of my writing doesn’t have my name on it. I’m very, very good with that. There are ups – and downs – that come with getting attention.

I wanted to share about some the duo’s I’ve read, and my thoughts. Sometimes, it’s hard to understand, to know, what’s right, what’s wrong, without a sounding board. My brother’s been doing that for me, for a long time (Adam) :) I don’t always appreciate it, but, we have a lot of shared experience. So naturally, I look up to him.

He is *also* 2 inches taller 😉 lol.

(Before you read more about The Gray Thief, take a look at the prologue, here.)

Why is a Vampire, Sci Fi, Marketing, Business, Fantasy, etc writer penning a new tale?

Well, I don’t know how far it’s going to go – to be honest, it’s more a way of dealing with writing now, sober, and with my thoughts on the task – instead of waking up the next morning, reading my notes and wondering what, exactly, was I thinking.

Why would a thief steal time?

I didn’t introduce the characters much in the prologue, but, to me the answer is obvious. Why does anybody, ever, want time?

Goals. Milestones. Stuff. If you like something – anything – generally, you want more of it. However, I have a penchant for continuing, even when I have some, I usually want, “More.” So, the gray thief is kind of like me, in a way. Then again, so is Jay Williams, the Vampire hunting Ninja.

There’s a bit of advice I heard a long while ago about writing. Worst. Advice. Ever. You know what it was?

“Write something. Get feedback. Then, when you know you can’t write, go life life. After you’ve gone around the block a few times, you have a feel for things, *then* write something.”

Bad idea. If you like writing – skip the waiting. Write now. Don’t wait.