Fun fact: most marriages don’t survive a home remodel

Nor, as I found out last week after ranting, raving and posting utter nonsense – does my own sanity. Wow.

Feeling TONS better, stomach finally settled – and I figured out what was wrong. Growing up, both houses I lived in had double pane windows. Until last week, I didn’t have them at home, and hadn’t since I was 18 (I think).

Becuase of that memory, I started thinking, probably over thinking, a horrific car crash I was in at that age. I almost died. Two large sedans crushed my car so bad, the three of us hit a semi loaded with wood. Some was even poking out of the lead sedan.

My little brother & I were banged up, as were two friends. Car was totalled and naturally, that started my longest (that I can recall) ever headache & back ache.

Moving out of home about a month later, back still sore (and ears, I think, have never, ever been the same) – no wonder the hammers drove me nuts last week.

Pro-tip: next time you get *any* remodeling done, if you value sanity, check into a hotel. You’ll thank me, the economy will thank you, and remember, the third time pays for all.

/back to work.