Twitter logo can’t be clicked, unless you click under it (mac / safari)

Somewhere out there, another mac user is browsing the web with Safari. And they’re also browsing twitter, perhaps, logged out like I was looking for people to connect with before logging in (be honest: do you always use a member driven site while signed in? Nope). However, when I tried to click the link to twitter’s home page a curious thing happened…it’s not clickable! True story. The only part that’s clickable is the bottom of the logo…a very thin strip.

Violate web standards in user experience at your own perile

Contract that with Yahoo, Google, Facebook…ad nauseum and you’ll wonder: why is this? Can’t Twitter afford some great CSS and client side engineers to ensure the site works, properly, in all browsers and on all platforms? No, I’m not running snow leopard, but I am running the latest Safari web browser and if I can get this error, other people can, to. If the expectations somebody has while browsing your site are being violated, you need to have a solid reason for doing so. Otherwise, you’ll lose customers, business and faith among the chosen that maybe, just maybe, yours isn’t the nirvana of web experiences that they’ve heard about elsewhere.

(Added) If you login, upper right on the new twitter is perfectly clickable…maybe most folk just don’t browse profiles while logged out.

Please drop me a note when this gets fixed 😉 I’ll be waiting.