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Working hard: here’s some good advice about co-founding a startup

At the earliest stage of a startup, when an idea is morphing into a company, you’ll probably have the first of your difficult conversations: you and your cofounders need to divide responsibilities and assign ownership of goals and the tasks that need to be accomplished to achieve those goals. Final decision authority has to be established for individual areas and for company wide decisions. Some of this will rest with the CEO, some of it with the head of product, engineering, or sales. Those roles might be filled by the the same person, but the responsibility flows through the role, not the person.

Remember that this conversation can get contentious if people feel they are being cut out of decisions they believe they should own. It is really hard to cede authority, but it has to happen in order to create a manageable strucutre.

Talk about these issues early, write down your decisions, and regularly review them.

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Reason I’m sharing is because, obviously, we just shipped something today. Rather than trying to crowd fund in October, as I wanted, we waited. I’m broke. Out of gas. No funding on the horizon. :)

But, we have free, awesome, amazing software. How cool is that? It saves me time already. Frankly, I am not in the mood to hear, “Does it…?” It’s free. And, will continue to be free, at least, until I’m broke, then it’s gone, because the github repo will go with it. Will the software, the ideas, take root, grab hold and survive?

Though, it’s a hysterical image – and we still call her, “Great,” despite the interspecies fornication. :)