Yahoo has balls: complaining about my complaint

Via LinkedIn today (yes, I worked in “Weiner’s world” back at Yahoo. The last time I saw him was a few years ago…he was one of three people at that level in the company that invited me to present to larger teams and took my goals, my vision and excitement about what we *could* do seriously.

“Could have quietly told someone so they could fix it…”

Guess what? I tried that before. About two years ago, when my consulting and employment days at Yahoo were long gone, a former member of my Q&A site ranted about me, personally…committing slander and all sorts of illegal things, which point of fact, weren’t true. I tried using the “public channel” to get the content removed from Yahoo Answers. Didn’t happen. But a member of my website was “high enough level” at Yahoo Answers that once I told them about the content, it was removed in short order. Yahoo should realize…especially employees: regular folk don’t have special access. They use the contact form, the report abuse form, etc. And when you choose to ignore those things you have got to expect the shit will hit the fan.

Guys…I appreciate so much about my time there at Yahoo. And while consulting with you guys, it helped build my business in ways that I would never have guessed for the next four and a half years. However, you don’t own me, you don’t own my perspective…and you sure as hell should think twice before messaging me to STFU. Right before sending me a note, I wrote up Google for busted links. Did somebody I know there personally write me to essentially try to bully me into keeping quiet?

Nope. Think on that, purple guys.