Busy, busy bee: submitted to Facebook, fingers crossed

I still can’t seem to beat Jeff, but, I moved up to #36 in my network now. Thanks for the invites, everybody :)


Once our software is live, it should be easier to actually, you know, start helping people at scale. That’s the dream. Oh, we submitted to Facebook, fingers crossed. First time I’ve done that ever. :)

Ironically, I did the final “push,” updating text, that I was slow on, via Github. Bugs gone, that was the very last thing to do…I slowed the team down in the end, but, in the big picture:

  1. Ten weeks in total since we got our CTO
  2. Ten weeks to submit a beta product to Facebook
  3. Early feedback has been great from everybody and we have even more awesome in store.

Now, soon, it’s time to let the public kick the tires. Clients are all good; average year over year growth is 100% among current clients. Double. Can you freaking believe it?

:) Good things happen when you work with great people. Epic things in store, and this year is already amazing.