How many family members get free marketing services from you?

Digging a ditch is thirsty work. Via Wikimedia Commons and the US Military.

Digging a ditch is thirsty work. Via Wikimedia Commons and the US Military.

Last week, after hearing from a family member I hadn’t talked to in a while, I made a decision. Roll up my sleeves, jump in and help. When there’s work to be done where I grew up, there was only one thing to do.

Grab a shovel. Dig in. Lend a hand.

Seems to me that everybody should treat family that way. It doesn’t take up a lot of time helping people, but, some folks get surprised. Could be because after saying I make $100 per hour, they expect, because my family members own multiple businesses, we’re somehow swimming in money.

Sigh. Nope. Not even close. With misconceptions, though, it sometimes means that you have to be the bigger person. Offer to help, even if perhaps, it’d be great if they paid, because time is money.

However, for family, isn’t it always easy to help bring in the groceries, for example? I’m sure most able bodied men would not hesitate to help out carrying something for a family member who’s older, sicker, weaker, less muscular or similar. Most women wouldn’t hesitate that I know, either. They’d also be less likely to complain than most men I know. :)

Again, this is one of those stories that’s not really mine to tell. I’m an actor on a larger stage, a player if you will. My time is now, eventually, it won’t be. I must admit a certain curiosity, though, about my kids. Will they want to keep the massive digital archives that will be passed onto them? A family tree on steroids, after a fashion.

It’s almost the new year and a lot of people make, “New Year’s Resolutions.” If I may be so bold, what if you helped out your own family next year more?

Family isn’t always the people who gave birth to us, who share our genes, our hair or skin color. It’s the people who stand by you, more than friends, who love you even if at some point, you were a schmuck soccer player, perhaps too intent on digging for gold to be bothered to play the game.

I can’t avoid the skills I use to earn a living and the nice thing is that the skills I have are very, very useful to any business. It makes me smile when I think of how much I’ve helped, even if I don’t get paid. Money isn’t the point.

Family is. I hope you cherish yours this holiday season. Have fun, smile and lend a hand. It feels fantastic.