Sucks to get fired from your job when you’re about to visit your children

Back in April, that’s what happened. First, I was going to visit my step-dad in the hospital. Then, I was going to visit my kids in Hong Kong. After getting fired, being robbed and more, I still haven’t been able to fly out there to visit my children.

However, for the first time in two years, I’ve given them a present. It’s a belated birthday gift, for the last few years, one for each of my precious children.

I know, I know. Everybody says their kids are precious. I’m not a scumbag and I have my priorities straight. Soon as I make a decent salary (my boss can be a bit scatterbrained), I’m heading out there for a week to say hi, hang out and give them hugs so tight they complain. :)

Image via wikimedia commons.

Image via wikimedia commons.

Nothing I can give them makes up for two years of childhood missing. Growing up, my dad was overseas a lot, and back then, phone calls sucked. The latency was terrible. Now, the only thing I really miss is the warmth of their touch, the soft skin of youth, the smiles that say, “Daddy, it’ll be okay.”

I miss that a lot. First, when interviewing, I told people the truth. I want to work from home, so next summer, perhaps, I can have my kids visit for a longer time.

Do you know the reaction I got from potential employers? “Oh, you want to take an entire summer off and not work next year.” At least, that was the vibe I felt. In one interview that was, verbatim, the reaction…unreal right?

I’m not going to name names, but wow, that was completely unexpected. More and more, I’m realizing why. Silicon Valley, as they say, is a long way from DC. Business only regulates some laws, not how you make people *feel* about those laws. Sometimes, it means emotional vampires will want to suck the life out of you – because they can.

Thankfully, most startups I met, including Dropbox, Netfix, ebay and others just weren’t a good fit for me. It’s far, far better for me to be in the team I’m in, now, eating a slice of humble pie, and finally putting my search & social knowledge to good use.2014-12-8-social-insights

For us, the team works from wherever in the world they are productive and I don’t yet foresee a need for a central office.

Happy Holidays.