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There was a time when, as I read Paul Graham’s essay tonight, I also used to wonder how I knew something, then wonder, why I knew it or if it was important. I’ve re-read the Wheel of Time series many, many times. Each time, I think I got a whole lot more out of the story. I felt infinitely better, because I love that story.

Also, I’ve re-read the Tao Te Ching, and the book, “What Would Machiavelli Do?” What re-reading has taught me is that the clues you see always have a point, then counter-point. Some emotional anchor to the hard-won binary logic. A cliche, if you will. The icon and the text, one re-enforcing the idea of the other, enabling our simple minds to expand.

Emotion, action, image.

Einstein moon-walking next to me wearing a slick tuxedo; me, doing the salsa, shaking my bum in blue jeans with a silly grin. It matches that worn by the Cosmic Magician himself, right before I dip my head, spin away and seek my partner.

My angel, my inspiration. Being in a relationship teaches you things about yourself, like books do. A good book enables you to see good things, teach you lessons about healthy growth, emotional maturity. Relationships, perhaps good ones, do the same. Like good books.

A bad one can be a soul sucking vicious cycle, as I’ve seen a few times. I’m no stranger to scars. The important thing that happens isn’t that we analyze why we fell down. We’re all human.

It’s only important to get back up. Ever seen this motivational speaker before (youtube video)? Nick Vujicic, he’s amazing.