Developing magical products: quickly deliver increasing amounts of happiness over time

2014-hookup-js-screenshotAutonomy, mastery and a clear connection between actions/results. These are the three principles of “amazing work,” or a job, or a career, where you, as a human, can feel validated, whole and do your very best. This is the environment we’re building and it’s, as Apple says in their marketing, Magical.

Take a look at the chart below. This is how the very best products are built. They start out fast, and then over time, they grow even faster. They deliver joy, while they are growing faster and easier to use…then, finally, at their stage of maturation, they deliver the fastest possible experience while providing more joy on a per experience basis than ever before.

It is our virtuous cycle, it’s mine, it’s been used in hundreds of products, thousands of times, by hundreds of thousands of people. All over the world, with the shared expectation and vision to bask, to glow, to revel in excellent products that provide intuitive, powerful experiences.

Breakthrough productivity. Joy. Mindfulness. I’m excited about all the products in our pipeline at work and rather than be greedy, selfish or mean, I’m sharing. This is the secret, this is the key.

If you want to add amazing, if you want to bottle magic, this is the formula for you.