Warmth in the darkness is hard to accept, or why we waste energy as humans

Metaphorically speaking, Homo Sapiens, by and large, haven’t evolved since Plato as much as we would sometimes like to think. He was the first to share the parable of the cave, which is where many, many of my fellow humans are trapped.

It’s dark outside and inside, but it’s warm, and where I’m working, it’s glowing

Unfortunately for me and my sanity, the cat, Oreo, isn’t as evolved as I am. That means, in the darkness, he still feels fear. At his age, middle aged and then some for a cat, it’s hard to evolve. To grow.

Like a small child, he seeks comfort from me. I had to chase him away, to watch the movie on Netflix I had to put on to entertain him. The lights next to the television are lovely, their glow is abstract and it provides a kind of ephemeral luminescence. Comforting, even to a human being like me. Soothing.

Oreo is feeling better now, the lights soothe him and his meows are gone. At peace again, I can now reflect on the experience and how it interjected itself into this story, this blog post.

My fellow Americans, we waste a ton of the Earth’s resources bathing ourselves in light

I realize for public safety, there are a number of reasons we do this. What if there was a better way to establish trust, to shine the metaphorical light? What then?

We could stop wasting so much energy. Free ourselves to higher order pursuits, freedom, happiness, joy and love. Live. Breath. Exist.

Shining a light in the darkness, literally, burning energy simply to create a soft, glowing sense of trust is wasteful. There is a better way.

I know how to teach it, to share it, to nurture it and bring it to life. It’s inside all of us and commercially, inside my company. Tomorrow is a better, safer, brighter day than ever.

Glowing brighter while burning less, lasting longer and enabling peace like nothing else. Wow. That’s a happy place. We can get there.