Finishing the week strong: three things to do right now

2014-12-5-finish-strongDo you want to have an even bigger holiday season?

The stats are in and Facebook traffic, digital word of mouth is even larger than we’ve expected (hm, it’s sounding like Facebook is the Google of 2014). However, depending on your category, either or could be the largest driver of traffic for your site.

The single biggest reason for sites that are not getting the engagement they should is not posting enough. Go on, use the free tools they provide and set up a few for this evening. I’ve already done it for every brand I work with, it takes but thirty minutes to setup an amazing finish for the week.

Who doesn’t like to finish strong?

In other news, one of the reasons we do this is because at my company, hookupJS, we know that winning teams keep winning.

Have a great weekend. I’ll be resting up because I feel a cold coming on *cough*. Or is that just the sounds of WoW?