Unfortunate, sick and wrong: my take on foreign military intervention

When browsing LinkedIn today, I saw a post from Jeff Weiner and then I had to put my two cents in, since the last time I saw him in person was right before I moved to Maldives. During my time there, I had the pleasure of meeting then president and of course, vice president who later became president after I left. Take a read:2014-11-21-linkedin-politics

Why this post should never have happened on LinkedIn:

It’s a slippery slope from praising foreign leaders to encouraging dictatorships and violating a free country’s right to govern themselves. While I was living in Maldives, then president attempted to have the police, illegally, break into my apartment.

After I returned stateside, Richard Branson decided to weigh in, on the wrong side of the facts, after the ex-president resigned his post. With money comes influence and Jeff Weiner, in the time since I met him at Yahoo, has amassed both in great quantities. The current PM of India may be transparent to the public but the reality is that many smaller countries around the world are beholden, in a military sense, to their larger neighbors. Living under the threat of external military intervention at the drop of a hat isn’t, “Freedom.”

The United States, and other governments, eventually need to come to grips with a simple truth: either people are free to self govern, or we ultimately select the, “Chosen few,” who then become the masters over our own selves. “You can’t legislate good behavior,” is a favorite expression of mine.

Why I’m complaining

Ladies and gentlemen, participate in your local electoral process – and leave each to their own. The United Nations exists for a reason, ideally, to ensure peace, justice and human rights to all peoples. Supporting, lauding in public any foreign leader who has ties to oppressive regimes, excessive foreign military intervention and more is not what the United States I was born in stands for…and, it sure isn’t the country other of my citizens were born into either. Freedom, remember?

Keep your money and influence out of politics – everybody. If power corrupts and money buys elections, we’re all screwed.

Let’s all focus on improving our own piece of this world, where we have a ton of work to do…and remember that sometimes, foreign leaders are no better, or worse, than what you have in your own home country.