The iphone four has made me take more videos than photos.

When I had the Iphone 3g, (my second, after the first generation) I took a fair number of pictures, probably about 3-5 / week. Of course, with the regular camera my wife and I take thousands of photos when we’re on vacation or visiting someplace new. The hit ratio for us isn’t that high as neither one of us is professional a that kind of thing.

So the iphone photos I’ve always taken where basically there just for online usage in a blog, FunAdvice post or similar. Sometimes I’d be taking a photo just to capture the memory as we forgot the camera and I didn’t want to forget a cute moment of my kids climbing a rock or hanging with friends.

I got the Iphone 4 this December and immediately used the video feature while we went snowboarding. Watching those videos of my kids (and remembering the frost bite that nearly happened) is one of the most amazing things I’ve experienced from a mobile phone. As a result now instead of shooting a few mediocre photos with my iphone, I’m taking weekly video of my kids, doing this or that. It’s really made capturing the moment a thing of joy.

And yes: I am an apple fan boy.